Making Miravale home…

Making Miravale home…

Welcome to Miravale Hayley and Brodie! We chatted to the couple about buying their dream block of land in Angle Vale and making Miravale home…


Did you find it hard buying your first home?
We’ve worked hard to get to where we are today. We wouldn’t say it’s been ‘hard’ buying our first home but it has been a little stressful. Time and effort has gone into this process, to make sure we are happy with our final outcome. Thanks to Lanser and Statesman Homes, we’ve been able to achieve that.


Do you have any tips for first home buyers?
Pick a floor plan you like, make your modifications and then pick your land. We initially didn’t have our house plan finalised when we began looking for a block and almost settled for land that wouldn’t have fit our houses modifications. Other than that, just make sure you save, save, save!


 What made you choose Miravale at Angle Vale?

When we began discussing potential areas to live, we were informed about the upcoming release of Miravale by a family friend in Angle Vale. We agreed that this would be a perfect location for us (especially being so close to Sneaky’s) and began to keep an eye out for our desirable block.


Have you selected your home design yet? 

Yes, we have worked closely with Statesman Homes who have been accommodating in building our forever home.


If so, did you enjoy the process of selecting the home design that you wanted?

Yes, we did enjoy it. We thoroughly looked at the house designs builders provided and Statesman Homes ‘Felixstow Alfresco’ caught our eye. We have worked closely with Statesman Homes since choosing our design to make it perfect for us.


How did you select the block you wanted?

Once we had finalised our floor plan we came to the conclusion that we require a minimum of 18m frontage and we wanted a block close to Heaslip Road, but not too close.


What do you love most about Miravale?

For us the thing we love most about Miravale is the tranquillity of the location.


What are your favourite spots in Angle Vale?
Sneaky’s is one of our favourite restaurants so, we’re pretty excited to become regulars.


What are you looking forward to the most about moving in?

We are looking forward to having our own space and getting our own fur babies.


 Did you have any problems with getting finance for your home?

Fortunately, we didn’t have any issues. Commonwealth Bank were very helpful throughout our process.


Did you find the Lanser Realty staff helpful?

We have been working with Luke Biggs who has been very helpful throughout the process of purchasing our land and assisting with any enquiries.


To find out more about living in the heart of Angle Vale at Miravale call 0452 128 952


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