About Miravale

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An Introduction

Surrounded by olive groves and fruit orchards, this boutique Angle Vale address was named for its Italian heritage and spectacular scenery. Mira is an Italian word for ‘view’, and Vale is taken from the township’s historic name.


Mira noun /mira/ view, vista, vision, panorama, mira

An Exciting New Chapter

When we created Miravale, we put a lot of thought into what makes the ideal place to call home. Most importantly, an address with a sense of community that’s far from the busy suburbs but close enough to the city to feel connected.


With Angle Vale, we found the perfect location. With scenic parks and walking trails, a variety of generous allotments provide the perfect foundation for your dream home and lifestyle.


Miravale is the beginning of a great story – yours.

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The Perfect Setting

We chose the welcoming township of Angle Vale as the idyllic location for a brand new place to call home.


Boasting quality schools such as Trinity College and known for its stylish wineries, award-winning coffee shops and restaurants, fresh produce and active sporting clubs – Angle Vale is the perfect family-friendly setting for a new beginning. 





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