Welcome to Miravale!

Welcome to Miravale!

We loved catching up with Fiston, Hope and their beautiful family to talk about their brand new home at Miravale…


So tell us about your home? It’s absolutely stunning…


Hope: We love it – we built with Metricon and the build time was just six months. They did such a great job with ensuring it was all on time.


How did you choose Miravale?


Fiston: We were looking around, I had a friend who told me about Miravale and told me to have a look. I came by myself first and looked through the display homes and I found one that made me think “my wife will like this!”. I told her when she came home, let’s go look at Miravale. And oh my goodness, as soon as we got here, she was like WOW. She really liked the area as well, and we met Luke [Miravale’s Land Consultant] and he told us all about the masterplan. And then my wife found the display home she wanted. Metricon have two display homes here, and we chose the Delta 25s.


Hope: I had been looking for a long time, because I am very picky! So I went to some other developments, but I kept looking everywhere. When we came to Miravale I thought – this is the place.




How did you know? What made you decide this was the place?


Hope: First of all, I liked the display house. But then I loved how everything is so structured here. It’s a different environment. It’s close to everything, it’s close to the city with the Northern Expressway. The masterplan, the palm trees, I just love it! It’s close to our church too.


Do you have friends here?


Fiston: Yes we have friends here at Miravale, four other families that we know.


Hope: And my sister lives close by.


Will you enrol the children at a local school?


Fiston: We’ve applied to both Riverbanks and Trinity for the children so we hope they get in.


What do you love most about your new home?


Hope: Everything! I love everything actually. My kitchen, that’s my favourite though. My splashback is my favourite! I love my cupboards without handles, and the benchtop as well. I just love it all.



Do you have any tips for people building?


Hope: I have a lot of tips! First of all, before you decide who you want to build with, get your land first. The best part is to get a big a block as you can, then when you choose someone to build with, choose someone who you think is going to do a great job. Because a lot of people choose their builder based on promotions or price, and you might get the promotions but it takes time. At the end of the day Metricon were fantastic. They were on time for everything – even though we spent a little bit more, they did a good job.


Also I would say, before you go to your selections appointment make sure you have a plan of what you want. Because when you get there you get so confused! Decide what’s important to you before you go in, because then you can spend your money on those things. I decided my kitchen was important so I made some more expensive selections there.


And how was the process with Luke – Miravale’s Land Consultant?


Hope: He was so great, very easy to get along with. We also got the Friends to Neighbours voucher which he organised for us.


Fiston: He’s really fun. His dad is really nice too – and makes good pancakes on land release mornings!


Would you guys recommend a Lanser development to your friends?


Hope: Absolutely. We are 100% happy. More people should come and join us here! We have been recommending both Metricon and Lanser to everyone.


To find out more about making Miravale home, please call Luke on 0452 128 952.












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