Name of Angle Vale’s New Super School Revealed!

New Angle Vale School Location

Name of Angle Vale’s New Super School Revealed!

The name of Angle Vale’s new B-12 school has been announced – but the word “school” is nowhere to be seen!

After public consultation with over 1550 people, the school – which is located close to Miravale – has been named Riverbanks College B-12. Now that the name has been decided, the Education Minister John Gardner announced that the school “… can now consider how the names will influence their visual branding and uniform as the next significant step in building their individual identities.”

Located on Riverbanks Road, Riverbanks College is expected to open in term 1 2022, with initial intakes in Reception to Year 2, and years 7 and 8. The school will start with about 600 students, stretching up to Year 12 and 1675 capacities by 2026. Applications will open in term 1, 2021.

Read more about the naming of Riverbanks College here, and to find out more about enrolments you can visit the Department of Education’s website.

To find out more about making Miravale home – please call 0452 128 952.

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