How to throw a stylish Slab Party…

How to throw a stylish Slab Party…

Building your new home is an exciting journey, and it’s important to celebrate all the important milestones. We loved seeing Jenna and Nam’s photos from their amazing Slab Party at Miravale. We were thrilled to chat to chat to them both about making Miravale home, and they gave us some tips on how to throw a stylish slab party!



Hi guys, congrats on making Miravale home! Tell us how did you come to choose Miravale to build your forever home?

Jenna: My partner and I were on the lookout for land in the North, as we wanted a bigger sized block. Miravale was one of the bigger developments we had our eye on, it has a sense of community, family and safety. Miravale is situated close to the Northern Expressway which was also important to us, for an easy commute to the city & work. All of that, plus being across the road from Sneaky’s restaurant and wine bar, made it an easy decision! We kept updated on the new land releases, camped out in the car overnight to secure the block we wanted (along with another guy who did the same, and now happens to be our neighbour) and the rest is history.


Tell us about your journey up until this point – how did you decide on your block and your home design?

J: We settled on our land in December 2020, just before we had signed with our builder. The slab was poured in November 2021 and our frames are just about to go up. It’s been such a crazy time to build in the last couple of years, we’ve definitely been caught up in the delays, but we’ve loved watching our street and neighbourhood come to life. We decided on a rough home design first, by looking at display homes, so we knew what size land we wanted based on that. Once we secured our block, we decided on a custom home design to make the most of our block size, and to ensure we had all our “must have” spaces, whilst allowing for a small backyard. My partner and I like the same designs and colour schemes, so going through selections was a very fun experience.



What are you most looking forward to about your new home?

J: This is our first time building and hopefully the last, as we’ve planned it to be our ‘forever’ home. With that, we chose to make quite a few upgrades and customise our floor plan, to ensure we got everything we wanted, and didn’t have any regrets after.  We are looking forward to absolutely everything and watching it being built from the ground up. One thing we are particularly excited about is our big walk-in robe, which is around the size of a standard bedroom, and will be fitted with custom joinery and LED lighting after handover.


You guys must love entertaining – did you incorporate any features for entertaining into your new home?

J: Absolutely! We have an open plan living area which is great for entertaining, but one stand out feature is our corner stacker doors. It will allow us to open up the area completely and enjoy a seamless indoor/outdoor entertaining space. We also have an alfresco as part of the build, and will be extending this to allow for a relaxing outdoor lounge area. Another feature we added for easy entertaining is increasing the kitchen island width, and moving the sink to the very end of the island, so that the majority of the space can be used for food and drinks, for those buffet style events.



What made you guys decide to throw a slab party?

J: We follow a number of builds on Instagram, and had seen a few people have these gatherings on their slab. We thought it would be a fun way to celebrate this big milestone and the start of our build, after a long time in pre-construction.


Your party looked incredible – did you hire anyone to help with all the decorations and catering etc or did you do it all yourselves?

J: The beautiful picnic set up was hired from ‘Picnic Pallet Hire & More ADL‘. We did all the food ourselves, with lots of help from my mum, the chalkboards were done by myself, and we set up all the trestle tables, eskies, ice and drinks ourselves. It was a big task, especially as we don’t currently live locally, and it was a very hot day, but all turned out well.



Tell us about the people you invited to celebrate with you…

 J: We celebrated with our group of friends and a few family members. It was great to show everyone where everything will be positioned on our slab. We don’t have any neighbours yet as the houses around us are still being built, but would love to get involved in fun community street events such as Halloween or Christmas in future.


Tell us your tips on how to throw a great slab party?

J: Don’t have it on a super hot day like we did haha! We made great use of those ice buckets, I tell you that. Keep the food and drinks simple (my original plan was just pizza, but would’ve been hard to keep out of the heat), have a few rubbish bags on hand, a small group of loved ones and some good tunes. Also, have a copy of your floor plan on hand so people can map it out on the slab.



How did celebrating on the site of your brand new home feel?

 J: The picnic set up was definitely the stand out and highlight of the day, it was exactly what I envisioned. It was great to have our first official house party, and to have our family and friends visit the area to see Miravale.


What do you have planned for your housewarming? 

J: I would love a big gourmet grazing table, lots of cocktails, bar tables outside, a balloon garland and good music.



Do you guys have any tips for anyone choosing to build at Miravale?

J: Firstly, Angle Vale is becoming such a popular area to build, so make sure you sign up to receive updates on new land releases at Miravale, as they sell very quickly. Through having our Instagram page, we’ve been able to connect with people building in Miravale and everyone has been so helpful and welcoming so far, so we’re really glad we chose to build here. Take a look around the development, walk through the new Central Park and visit the display homes, as these are the things that sold us on building in Miravale.


To find out more about making Miravale home, please call Luke on 0452 128 952.




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