FAQS – Landscaping your Verge

FAQS – Landscaping your Verge

To keep the streetscape at Miravale looking attractive, we’ve prepared a set of fast FAQs about your verge below. For further details please visit City of Playford – Verge Landscaping and Maintenance Guidelines…


What is a verge?

Your road verge is the area of road reserve between the edge of a street or kerb and the boundary of your property. This area can include a footpath, landscaping, bus stops, signage, trees or street furniture including lamp posts.


Who owns the verge?

Your verge adjoins your allotment, and is classified as council land. The Local Government Act states that a “road” extends from property boundary to property boundary and includes the carriageway, footpaths and verge.


Who maintains my verge?

As per the Urban Design Guidelines it is your responsibility to maintain the verge at the front and side of your allotment. Council will maintain the street tree only.


What is allowed on my verge?

The City of Playford has a set of guidelines for landscaping on verges.


Permitted treatments include:

  • Low plants (maximum 600mm height at full maturity)
  • Turf (irrigated and unirrigated)
  • Compacted rubble (10mm or less)
  • Groundcover (lawn substitute)
  • Organic mulch materials (must not be large and become a tripping hazard or easily blown/kicked onto paths and into the storm water road network)
  • Pebbles (12mm or less)


What is not allowed on my verge?


The following verge treatments are not permitted:

Fully-impervious materials such as paving and concrete, except for crossover and footpath. This includes impervious membranes under mulch, or other materials, such as black plastic

  • Rough, coarse or irregular mulch materials which are uncomfortable or difficult to walk on
  • Large-sized mulch such as river pebbles must not be used
  • Hard landscaping structures such as moss rocks, sleepers, edging, letterboxes and metal stakes
  • Vegetation that is prickly, poisonous or thorny
  • Chemical soil sterilising treatments
  • Vegetables, fruit trees and/or herbs
  • Artificial turf is not recommended and will not be permitted if the following currently presents on the verge:
    • Upgrade of underground services
    • Street tree placement


Why do I have a council street tree, and who is responsible for it?

Every residence has an allocation for a minimum one council street tree consistent with Council’s Street tree policy. The indicative location of your designated tree will appear on the Building Envelope Plan however the location is subject to underground services location and may change. If you need it moved from this location you will need to contact Lanser or Council to arrange and you will need to pay the cost of relocation if the tree is already planted. The street tree in the verge is Council’s responsibility and only Council can prune, plant or remove the tree.


Do I need council approval to landscape my verge?

All verge treats require the approval of the Council as per the Urban Design Guidelines. You can apply for approval using a form on Council’s website here.



For more information regarding verge landscaping please visit City of Playford or contact the City of Playford on 08 8256 0333.

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