5 Design Features You May Have Missed at Miravale!

5 Design Features You May Have Missed at Miravale!

Miravale was named the Best Masterplanned Development by the UDIA (SA) in 2022, but when you first drive into a development, you might not notice  the details that go into creating a place you’ll fall in love with. When you’re choosing a development to call home, it’s a good idea to look closely at the masterplan, the reputation of the developer and the quality of the urban design on site. Here are five sneaky urban design details you may have missed at Miravale…



  1. A Walk in the Park

Miravale has been designed around a network of parks, trails, play spaces and reserves. To ensure that everyone can enjoy these beautiful open spaces, we carefully designed Miravale to ensure that every home is located no more than 250m from a park or reserve. This means at Miravale, beautiful open green spaces will never be far from home.



  1. There’s No Place Like Home

When Dorothy wanted to return to Kansas from the Land of Oz, she clicked her heels three times. And when you arrive home at Miravale, we want you to get home just as easily! That’s why when you turn into Miravale you shouldn’t be more than three turns from home – our goal is to have no more than three intersections between our entrance and your driveway. This makes coming home after a long day easier and more relaxing.



  1. Benvenuto a casa!

Miravale was designed to reflect the Mediterranean heritage of its original landowners. As Miravale enjoys stunning views of the Gawler Ranges, we chose ‘Mira’ as part of our name which means ‘vista’ in Italian. When you drive into Miravale you’ll see some beautiful Italian palm trees at our entrance, and if you look closely you’ll even notice that many of our streets are named after famous Italian regions and wine varieties!



  1. Going Green

Miravale was masterplanned to optimise solar orientation for allotments to help heating and cooling your new home cheaper and more efficient. Our Land Consultants can help to site your home on your allotment to minimise your energy bills! We also have LED street lights to help keep our community green…



  1. We Like Big Blocks

Have you noticed that most allotments in South Australia are around 30m deep? At Miravale we know you want more space in your backyard to entertain, build a cubby, plant a veggie patch or even have your own pool. That’s why our allotments at Miravale are on average 32m deep, giving you at least – depending on your block size – around 20sqm of extra open space to call home.


To find out more about making Miravale home, please contact our team.

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